Ubuntu 18.04 CheckPoint SNX

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CheckPoint's Linux-based SNX client is downloadable from your organisation's VPN portal. The file will be called 'snx_install.sh'.

Once downloaded run 'sudo bash' to become 'root' user.

Change the permissions on the setup script* with 'chmod +x snx_install.sh' and then run it as './snx_install.sh'.

If you run the 'snx' command you may receive a value error "bash: /usr/bin/snx: No such file or directory". This, not entirely clear error, means you need the following dependencies, installed using this command:

  • apt install lib32stdc++6 lib32z1 lib32readline7 lib32gcc1 libpam0g:i386 libstdc++5:i386 libx11-6:i386

This will enable SNX to be run and connectivity is done as follows:

  • snx -s vpn.portal.domain.com -u username

Disconnecting is done by:

  • snx -d

Connecting using CheckPoint .p12 certificates is possible with '-c' parameter. For all other options use '-h' for help.